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Aarhus, Denmark, Monday August 7, 1995,
ECOOP, Workshops.


This workshop brings together researchers working on the design and implementation of new object-oriented languages that integrate the concept of Software Agents into the Object-Oriented paradigm.

This workshop aims to be more than just a forum for discussion, the expected output is a position paper describing open issues and research directions in the definition of Agent Languages.


Software agents have been characterized as mobile and autonomous software entities. Mobility implies that agents carry out tasks on one or more hosts on the network. Autonomy requires that the interactions between an agent and its owner be few and far between.

Programming with agents is in many ways a new paradigm. This paradigm requires linguistic support. Programming languages and systems that address those requirements are starting to appear, example of those are Telescript and M0.

The question raised by this workshop is how objects and agents can be integrated in one framework. It appears clear that agent-oriented programming will require special support from the environment, the programming language and the operating system. How do objects fit in this new picture?

The goal of this workshop is to identify issues and requirements. Software agents imply a shift in our view of computer communication. Instead of exchanging passive data, computer systems will communicate by exchanging active programs. The requirements and issues are likely to be different than those of other forms of distributed computing.

The following list may provide a starting point for the discussion:


The workshop will last one full day. A dinner will be organized in the evening.


In order to keep the workshop focused, all prospective participants will submit a problem statement. This should take the form of a short note describing one open issue to be discussed at the workshop. The position statements should be submitted via e-mail to:


The organizers will select a number of discussion topics from the submissions. Each topic will be the subject of a short presentation by the author. This presentation is limited to a few minutes and is meant to introduce one problem area. This should set the stage for the day's working discussion.


Acceptance in this workshop is limited. Problem statements will be accepted on the basis of their relevance to the topic.


Jan Vitek
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Institut für Informatik (IAM)
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Christian Frédéric Tschudin
Maître Assistant
Université de Genève
Centre Universitaire d'Informatique
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