Data Acquision

Let’s get us some data. The work this week is to acquire data on 1,000 projects from GitHub and store them in the database that you have designed in A2.

Which Projects?

We leave it up to you decide on criteria for inclusion of projects that will be “interesting” to analyze in future assignments. Clearly, the projects should be representative (ie. if they are all class assignments that is not likely the case), they should contain code (there are many repositories that do not), etc.


To make sure that you have useable data in your database, run some queries to compute things like the size of the code (e.g. additions and deletions for each file), the number of developers, the lenght of time the project is active. Pick some simple way to present the results.


Write a short report describing how you selected the projects and give some statistics on the projects (e.g. size or active duration).

Add a new directory to your EDS19 repository on GitHub with the following contents:

  • 03-acquire/report.rmd - the report for this assignment,
  • 03-acquire/projs.txt - the list of acquired projects

Due to size, do not commit the projects or your databased.

The work should be completed Thursday February 7th. If you get stuck or have difficulties with any part of this, do not hesitate to ask the course staff or colleagues.

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